Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget ($6,000 a Year)

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Saving money is an art, and you can master it if you want to have a comfortable life. You have to practice putting money aside monthly into your saving or paying off debt. But with all the bills we all have it can be overwhelming at the time.
Here we found 9 best ways to save six thousand dollars a year. That’s a nice chunk of to save and easy ways to save money.

Take Survey Earn Cash!

Take Survey Earn Cash!

This App will handle them and help you to save money.

Firstly, truebill is one of the best ways to save money with an app.

This service is called Truebill, and they save you headache, time, and save money. Also, One of the smartest ways to delegate a task to a company will do the work for you and save you money at the end.

Secondly, This service is called Truebill, and they save you headache, time, and save money. One of the smartest ways to delegate a task to a company will do the work for you, and you can save money at the end.

They try to negotiate on your behalf with all your utility companies such as cable, phone, and internet and bring the total bill down by a considerable 20% less on average.

For example, if they save you $100 annually, they take $40 and leave you $60. Trumbull services will not charge you if they can’t keep you. It’s that simple. That’s how to save money with this app.

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Smart App That Automates Your Money Saving

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This app saves your money without you even thinking about it. You set DIGIT up once, But, it does the rest for you. For a small fee of $2.99 a month its sophisticated algorithm decides how to set money aside for you into a separate account which is yours of course and you can withdrawal all of it as you wish.

It set aside money app of all times.

DIGIT even has quarterly bonus and referral fees, which can quickly add up to a considerable amount by the end of the year.
Put DIGIT takes small changes from your checking account and saves them for you in another savings account without you even noticing the pinch. And by the end of the year you can use that save money for shopping, trips, and or pay off credit cards if any. Start putting DIGIT to work to save money for you. So that’s how to save money with this app.


$400 a Year in Cash Backs for Purchases You Already Are Making.

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Above all, this site has been around for 20 years and has over 12,000,000 members. The place is called EBATES. Receive a $10 welcome bonus and get started. Their Free Memberships include big names like Sephora, Amazon, and 2500+ more other stores. This site you don’t want to miss, especially now that it’s close to Holidays. Remember these are purchases you already will be making, so why not get some cash back and save money for them through EBATES.
Depending on you purchased your average monthly cashback could be up to $33. That means close to $400. Start now and earn additional $25 for referrals too.

Get Ebates Here.

This Free App Pays Back for Your Groceryways to save money

The app is called IBOTTA. All you have to do is take a picture of your receipt, and they’ll send you cash back. IBOTTA has all sort of cash backs depending on the items you buy. For example, you get 25 cents on ANY item, $2 on Herbal Essence Haircare, and $2 on KIND Protein Bars and thousands of other items. Walmart and Target are popular stores, not to mentions restaurants, bars, and tons of other shopping sites.

Put your average monthly savings easily adds up $20. That’s $240 cash back. Also, get a $10 Welcome Bonus and another $5 for each referral you make. Click below to find out more about IBOTTA and save money.

Get ibotta Here.

Buy Your Items and Save money Up To $200 a Year

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Firstly, this app is called DROP, and you pick 5 of your favorite stores and link them to your credit card. Also, DROP will do all the rest by automatically crediting your points in GIFT CARDS. DROP gift card credits are on top of your other loyalty points and rewards you receive on your credit cards. Super simple and gift card credits can add up to $180 a year.

Get started with a $5 Welcome Bonus plus an additional $5 for each Referral. You also will receive another $5 just for downloading the app with promo code (FALL5)

Get drop Here.

Auto Insurance App and $1187 Average Save Money with This Company

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This auto insurance company is called ROOT. ROOT determines your premium based on how good of a driver are you and not by your zip code or how young or old you are, which is how all traditional auto insurance companies base your premium on.

ROOT is super easy to start.

Firstly, You download the root app on your smartphone, and it tracks your driving pattern for 2-3 weeks by their build in high-tech GPS in the app. After 2-3 weeks it quotes you the premium which is most probably substantially less than what you are currently paying. But, If you agreed and like the quote, it can automatically cancel your old insurance and start your new policy. Also, ROOT auto insurance company has got the traditional insurance companies concerned as more and more people are switching to ROOTS.
Average monthly saving $99 that can add up to over $1150 annually. You also will receive between $10 to $100 for each referral depending on the state its in.

The root is currently only available in AZ, AR, DE, IL, IN, IA, KY, LA, MD, MI, MO, MT, NE, NM, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, TX, and UT.
Click here to learn about ROOT

Get root insurance Here.

Better Home Policy in 2 Minutes And $720 Average Save Money For The Year.

We all know our Home and Car insurances are a must have, But, the premiums can be quite high. There is this app called GABI. GABI is a company that does the shopping for you. It searches among hundreds of companies out there and picks the right one for you. But, It does all this within minutes with no stacks of forms to fill out. You can start your free account with NO commitment. It makes sure you are getting the best deal around, and it doesn’t just stop there. This app monitors for better insurance forever regularly to make sure that you are receiving the right deal.
Average monthly saving with GABI is around $60 monthly, that’s $720 annually with an additional $100 referral fees.

Get Paid To Play Games Up To $720 a Year

This personal finance app has mixed games with saving money. After downloading the great game-saving app, you start to play one game a day and win cash daily.
It’s safe, and your money is FDIC insured up to $250K. Your money is available for instant withdrawal as you wish with no wait time.
If you like to save and love to play games, this app is for you. It only takes 1 minute to start saving.

Save Up to $240 a Year Just by Saving Your Email Receipts.

Save all your online receipt emails and let PARIBUS worry about the rest. PARIBUS checks your email receipts looking for any price drops after your purchase from all stores such as Target, Kohl’s and gap and hundreds more and makes them credit your account for the price differences. So, This sophisticated app even checks for any late delivery from companies like Amazon Prime for their missed delivery dates and has them compensate you for being late. PRIEBUS is 100% free to use and saves you $20 monthly.

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brittani rad
Hi, I'm Brittany! Mom of a baby girl, my passion is writing blog posts about how to make money online, save money and helping others to learn how to find coupons online.
brittani rad
Hi, I'm Brittany! Mom of a baby girl, my passion is writing blog posts about how to make money online, save money and helping others to learn how to find coupons online.