Raise Gift Cards: How To Sell Gift Cards and Save Money.

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Have you ever asked, “what happens to the money that on my gift card? And how do I save money”  then you will want to take a look at this article.

What if every gift card ever sold had even just ten cents left on it?  A company called Tower Group estimates that over 130 billion dollars of gift card value are purchased every year, which is likely much higher globally. Of that, CEB Tower Group reports nearly one percent of that is going unused.

Here is a Review on Raise and Ways to Save Money with Gift Cards

Much of that amount is from small amounts, usually a few pennies up to a couple of dollars that is unspent because items and those cards often exceed the balance left on the cards.

The rest are gift card amounts that merely go unused because the person who has gifted the card either does not shop at the store the card is from, or they lose it or forget about it, and the funds or value expires after a specific date.

Major retailers who sell billions of these types of gift cards are raking it all in as those amounts paid to buy the tickets necessarily tally onto the bottom line financially.  It’s free money for them.

Other companies watched this phenomenon happen year after year until one day some bright executive said, “Why don’t we buy the value of those gift cards and convert it gift card holders. (we will give them actual cash for the cards they will never use) then resell the value to consumers at a discount?”

There are, as we mentioned dozens or more companies and websites that buy unused cards or unused value remaining on maps such as Zeek, Gift Card Granny, Cardpool, Giftcards.com. Many others but Raise Marketplace, Inc. has a website that is thought by many to be far superior to the rest, so let’s see why so many people are signing. If you’d like to check out their site yourself go to Raise.

How Does Raise Gift Cards Work?

More than just a website, Raise is genuinely a “marketplace” for gift cards, and they offer services for “digital” gift cards and the better know gift cards you can hold in your hands. Raise has over 3,000 brands and retailers cards that you can purchase for discounts up to thirty percent!

You don’t have to be a math major to realize that if you purchase gift cards with rising and save an average of fifteen percent and use those cards for all your purchases, then you’re going to save a ton of money!  But don’t forget that you could also combine this savings with other store discounts, membership rewards, and other discounts and end up winning BIG!  Check out these additional cashback sites to save even more.

Use Raise to Sell Cards

Sell gift cards on Raise, sign up for a free Raise account, and you can start selling your unused gift cards today.

Raise lets you list your remaining cards at discounted rates on tickets for sale, so cards with the best deals.

You can offer to sell your cards at a higher discount than the others who are selling the same type of card.raise can make your card deal appears at the top of the list.

Use Raise to Buy Cards

You can sign up for a free Raise account and buy Raise gift cards at discounted prices.  Once you have signed up you can do both; buy and sell gift cards at discounts.

After you sign up, you search the RaiseMarketplace for gift cards from your favorite store that available for purchase.  Raise has a favorites list where you can save your favorite stores plus you can sign up to receive alerts via email, so you don’t miss any new cards that come up for sale.

Here is a great link if you are looking to find and buy: Free Gas Cards and  Discounted Gas Cards

Which Store Cards are on Raise

Since RaiseMarketplace is “open,” there is no limit on the types of gift cards you can buy. For the most part, the more popular a store is, the more demand there is.

But if you have one of these cards to sell it also means you will be able to sell it for more.

Here are just a couple of the top brands whose cards you will find on Raise

  • Starbucks
  • Hulu
  • Macy’s
  • Petco
  • Kohl’s
  • Uber
  • Airbnb
  • iTunes
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Dominos
  • StubHub

Again, remember that gift cards to super favorite stores may have almost no discount and still get scooped up quickly since people shop there so often.

However, if you can get an extra one to five percent savings every time you shop, you spend much of your money at then it will all add up!

Raise is 100% Legit

“Yes,” RaiseMarketplace is for sure, 100% real (legit).

Raise is one of the most popular and most widely used of these types of sites, and if it weren’t stable, people would know it.

Many people have been using it for years and have never had any problems to report.

Check out the Raise 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee on gift cards.

It covers cards that have not that somehow has inaccurate balances, are not “As Described.”

And any tickets not delivered within 30 days of purchase.

RaiseMarketplace policy is so good I even heard of a person making a gift card purchase for a local shop and the card arrived but had no balance so Raise immediately gave that buyer a no-hassle refund right away. Raise customer service teams are indeed on point.

Using RaiseMarketplace

Step by Step “How To” for Selling Gift Cards on Raise

  1. Just sign up for a Raise account right here, it’s free!
  2. Click “Sell a Gift Card.”
  3. Type the name of the gift card you want to sell.
  4. Click “GET STARTED.”
  5. Then fill in all the required card information, i.e., P I N, the serial number, exact card balance, and how much you are selling the gift card.
  6.  Click “Continue Listing.”
  7. Review any information details and finally list your card!

Don’t be surprised if your card sells instantaneously but if it doesn’t sell (ever) don’t be surprised about that either.  Be sure to pay attention to the “going rate” information Raise provides as it will show you what other people are selling that same gift card for if you list your card with the highest discount, it will likely sell very fast.

Step by Step “How To” for Buying Gift Cards on Raise

  1. Just sign up for a Raise account right here, it’s free!
  2. Click “Buy a Gift Card.”
  3. Type the name of the gift card you want to buy.
  4. You can choose how you want to filter your results, then
  5. Click “Buy Now.”
  6. Click on the cart image and complete the purchase by clicking on “Review and Checkout.”
  7. Provide payment details.

Note that any “hands-on” or physical cards mailed to the address you provided.

Be sure to complete your purchase within 10 minutes of adding cards to the cart as Raise will return tickets to the list of available for sale if you don’t complete the purchase within that time limit.

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Other Ways You Can Buy Discounted Gift Cards

In the past year, RaiseMarketplace widened its service offering by introducing more ways for members to save money on gift cards.

Raise created a way for you to make standard gift card purchases through Raise and get Raise cash back, so you get those cards you purchase through Raise at a discount either way!

Not all retailers have signed on for this program, but there are still over 150 brands that are part of this offer.  We know this list will increase once stores not already taking part to watch the competitions sales numbers increase.

Step by Step “How To” for Earning “Raise-Cash”

  1. Just sign up for a Raise account right here, it’s free!
  2. Click “Earn Raise-Cash.”
  3. Type the name of the gift card you want to buy and the dollar amount.
  4. Click “BUY NOW” & Raise will calculate how much Raise-Cash earned.
  5. Click “SUBMIT ORDER.”

Before opting for the Raise-Cash method, be sure to do a quick scan of the RaiseMarketplace and see if you can find the card you are looking for at a better value, it pays to compare!  Plus the RaiseMarketplace discount is instant compared to the “future value” structure of Raise-Cash.

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Buy Gift Cards and Save Money

If spending money to save money doesn’t make sense to you, you’re not alone.

It can be hard to understand at first, so we thought it would be a good idea to show you a few examples.

First things first, “Gift” cards do NOT have to be given as gifts to someone else.

You really should look at them as a prepaid money card.

When you can get discounts any time you convert money from one form to another, you have the advantage to save over the traditional way you make purchases.

When you purchase Raise gift cards for yourself, you get the savings.

You use discounted gift cards for your everyday shopping. You save money every time you shop.

Why not do this and take advantage of saving money every time you buy Christmas gifts or birthday gifts or every time you eat out at a restaurant?

If you develop the habit of merely using discounted gift cards into your regular purchasing habits, you will save a boatload over the long run.

Be sure to use this new spending method every time and Raise will help you save so much money.

You might face to being able to get ahead a little and take that trip you keep putting off or even make that car repair that still lingers.

Big Ticket Items: Saving BIG with Raise Gift Cards

Let’s say that for some reason maybe you don’t want to take the time to work this new money-saving spending change into your everyday routine.

But would it make sense to give it a try if you are planning on making a large purchase? Using Raise could save you ten percent or more on an investment that will cost thousands?

We don’t know many people who would pass up a chance to take advantage of this kind of savings.

We can’t understand those who would pass it up.

Raise is just too easy to use for anyone to not take advantage of all the money Raise can save them.

cabelas-savings-raise gift cards

Example for Big Ticket Purchase: Lowes

My wife and I needed to purchase material to do a few repairs on the first home we bought in late 2010.

We were looking at having to spend nearly four thousand dollars on a variety of building material.

Figured we could purchase some Lowes gift cards on Raise and maybe save two or three percent which would have been great.

Lowes-savings-raise gift cards

We ended up spending a little over $5,000.00 since we were able to get a bunch of Lowes cards on Raise at an average discount of over 10% so we took the money we saved and did a few other repairs that would have otherwise needed to wait until we could save more money.

Now Let’s Look at the Raise App

Raise has an app that is super easy to use and makes the overall buying and selling process with Raise easy to manage.

You can download the Raise app for free with this link.

This mobile version lets you have the ability to use the RaiseMarketplace anywhere you happen to be.

If you are in a store and realize you could save a bundle if you purchase a gift card for that store through Raise.

Raise-Regal-Lowes-savings-raise gift cards

Maybe you are walking up to the ticket window to buy some movie tickets, or you are waiting in line at Starbucks coffee and the entire office some coffee and all of a sudden you remember how you once got a Starbucks gift card and saved 5% on your coffee with Raise.

Now, with the Raise App, all those last minute thoughts of, I wish I bought a gift card on Raise.

I could have saved 10%” will be more than just a thought.

All you need to do is tap the app and make that gift card purchase and SAVE!

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Raise: 2 Good 2 Be True?

We’ve probably all heard of that adage, “if it sounds too good to be true, then it’s probably too good to be true.”

Fortunately, this is one time when the adage isn’t accurate.

Raise actually “rises” above the competition and delivers as promised.  Isn’t that nice for a change?

Some of the “Cons” when it comes to using Raise

Good Old “Human-error”

The old saying, “No one is perfect” was probably coined by someone who made lots of mistakes but everybody can make them.

Since people are responsible for their listings, that means there are sample errors.

Raise has One Year Money-Back Guarantee that will resolve most of these errors.

“Hand On” – Physical Cards or Digital Cards

be sure to consider that not all gift cards are available in both digital and physical options.

Several retailers only support a physical card, and others only support digital cards.

Full Details on the 100% Money Back Guarantee

Rather than bore you will ALL the fine print we have provided this link.

Be sure you see at the full details so you can make sure you know what to expect if something does go wrong.

Fees for Card Sellers on Raise

You can easily make some extra money by selling your gift cards.

They have to pay the bills just like me, and you so be sure to factor in that rate.

Referral Program Through Raise

Take a look at the Raise refer-a-friend program right here.

This new added value give a $5 gift credit people you refer toward the first Raise gift card.

You will also get a $5 credit toward a future purchase for making the referral. Can you say, “Winner-Winner, Chicken Dinner”?

Raise Rating for 2019:

On a scale of one to ten, I would have to give Raise a 9.95 because Raise is AMAZING!  We think you’ll agree that it surpasses all the rest in pretty much every area of performance you can analyze.

We have saved dollars over the past year with minimal effort on our part since Raise has already done.

Are you still a little unsure about using Raise?  Get an INSTANT $10 credit on your first Raise Gift Card purchase!  You will be glad you did!  Have fun saving with Raise and let us know any tricks you discover that made you save even more.


brittani rad
Hi, I'm Brittany! Mom of a baby girl, my passion is writing blog posts about how to make money online, save money and helping others to learn how to find coupons online.
brittani rad
Hi, I'm Brittany! Mom of a baby girl, my passion is writing blog posts about how to make money online, save money and helping others to learn how to find coupons online.