Best Free Money Apps and Foolproof Ways to Get It!

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People LOVE to get something for free, and people LOVE money, so guess what happens when someone offers FREE MONEY? So people go crazy trying to get it.

Also, Earning your money is a commendable and honorable thing, but there is nothing wrong with cashing in on a Free Money Offer either.  Real free money offers are out there to take a moment and check out a list of legitimate Free Money Offers that you can cash in.

As a result, there are more legitimate Free Money Offers out there than you might think as companies strive to attract new users and consumers.  These Free Money Offers are easy, fun, and real.

Earn Free Money with Sign-up offers

Dosh Free Money

Don’t worry, we know the definition of “FREE” and these offers are truly free, and there is no commitment required and no purchase necessary.


Dosh offers $5.00

There is an app called DOSH CashBack that lots of people have been talking about and cashing in. So Free Money always gets people’s attention, and for Dosh, it creates new users. Plus, their The Dosh app works excellent for earning more cash back on top of the simple $5 sign up offer.

You can also get $5 for every credit card you link to the Dosh app even gets $10 cash back for referrals.  So there is no commitment and no purchase required, and you can still get some money back.

Ibotta offers $10.00

free money with ibotta

Here is another very cool no commitment, no purchase required Free Money Offer you are going to love.  Ibotta has an app that is designed to use when you go grocery shopping but you can earn $10.00 by just signing up, and you can earn $5.00 for every person you refer.


Get ibotta Here.

MyPoints offers $10.00

Free money With mypoints

MyPoints is a great app, and they have a super cool Free Money Offer you might like.  Just create your account and MyPoints will hook you up with a $10.00 Amazon card after you do a couple of straightforward tasks.  This app loads on your smartphone and is quick and easy to install.

The parent company of Swagbucks also owns MyPoints, so you know they know what they are doing when it comes to designing these apps.  You can get this Free Money every month but just choosing to do a simple task here and there.

Get my points Here.

Inbox Dollars offers $5 Free Money

inboxdollars and free money

Like consumer survey sites? Then check out InboxDollars.  They pay people money in several ways, but mostly through surveys.  You can also earn rewards by simply checking your emails.  Get ready to check plenty of emails because they will be sending you email offers from their partner advertisers.

But if you’re not interested in that, you can still get the cool little $5.00 signup bonus when you become a new InboxDollars member.

Get inbox dollars Here.

Swagbucks offers $10.00 Free Money

Home Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

$10.00 to sign up for Swagbucks is a no-brainer. Quick, easy, and crazy popular; this app is being downloaded by more people every day than many of the other competitor’s apps.  When you can choose to do some simple tasks like surveys or to watch a short little video, you can see why so many people like this one.

You might not make a huge income with Swagbucks, but you can have a little fun and make some extra cash without even spending a dime.  Right now Swagbucks offers $10.00 for any NEW user that downloads the Swagbucks mobile application.

Get Swag Bucks Here.

Ebates offers $10.00 Free Money

ways to save money

Ebates is offering $10.00 “Welcome Bonus,” BUT this one does come with a couple of strings of attached.  You can see those details directly on the Ebates site.  We suggest you decide

beforehand whether or not you will be using this site or app to make actual purchases and most people do use the site to shop.

So if you are pretty sure you will use Ebates for purchases, Also, it makes sense to grab that $10.00 offer and then you could sign up with a couple of other similar sites. When you are going to make a purchase check each site to see which has the best deal on that item and buy it from them.

Get Ebates Here.

Earn Free Money With Vindale

Is Vindale Research A Scam Or Legit?

Similar to other sites listed here, Vindale lets you sign up, take surveys, and make some money fairly easily. Vindale currently offers $1 signup bonus for any new user.

Get Vindalresearch Here.

Shoptracker offers $39/yr Deal

Nielsen has competition in Shoptracker. Shoptracker is an app that monitors and tracks all your shopping activity. Also, Shoptracker looks exclusively at your Amazon buying and history then makes conclusions to help identify customer purchasing habits. You can get $3 per month for every month you leave it installed on your phone, plus they give you a $3 sign-up bonus.

Get shop tracker Here.

Nielsen offers $50/yr. Deal

Nielsen is the most known television rating company, and they will pay you $50 a year to keep their app installed on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Also, The app tracks and records your internet usage to see trends in consumer activity.


Get Nilsen Here.

Lyft offers $300.00

First of all, Lyft is charging hard to overtake Uber and is now offering a $300.00 bonus for new drivers. That’s a pretty aggressive bonus, and new drivers are paying attention to the offer.  There is a requirement for new drivers to complete 100 rides in the first 30 days, which does sound like a lot but only five trips per day during weekdays so you can do it in a month.


Get lyft Here.

Acorns offer $5.00

acorns free money

Investing is a great way to earn a little or a lot more money, and many people are doing it so if you have ever thought about getting into investing, you should check out Acorns.  They offer a simple app for investors that are easy to use and designed for beginners.  With no minimum needed to open your account, you can get started quick and easy plus Acorns will give you $5.00 help get you started.


Get acorns Here.

Free Money Through Banks Online

Why keep your money just sitting in a bank account that pays you almost nothing in interest?  Take a look at your statement of calling your bank directly and ask them how much attention they are spending on your checking and savings accounts.

Also, Don’t let them give you any double talk with unclear details.  If they are not paying you at least 1 to 2% on your money, you should look to move it to a bank that will. Discover Bank & CITI Bank offer some of the most competitive rates available.

Government Money for Free

Everyone wants to know how to get money from the government.  We hear it all the time and see it all the time, but very few are ever able actually to make it happen.  The bottom list will give you some great places to look if you want to try to take advantage of this method.

Take a look at is a site run by the National Association of State Treasuries that help connect people with money that legally belongs to those people. There is a long list of funds that people have forgotten they are unused credits, and this site might have something waiting for you, so be sure to check them out.

Don’t miss out on

A site is similar to, searches participating states to uncover your family’s lost or unclaimed property monies that are due to them. Also, Take a quick look, and you might find a bundle of money.

Free Money – Federal Pell Grants

This day’s colleges are getting more and more expensive, so being able to get some free money to help pay for this schooling can make all the difference between going or not.  The U.S Department of Education can be a grate to help prospective students apply for Pell grant and other money.

Also, Federal Pell Grants can be as up to $5,920 for students every school year if they qualify. Qualification is on income, school cost, and other criteria. Check out the Federal Student Aid website to learn more.

Home Energy Assistance Program for Low Income

According to the U.S. Department of Energy says that around $2,000 and more is spent yearly by the average family. Depending on how much you make and place you live, you may be able to qualify for a Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or LIHEAP.

Other Ways to Get Free Money Now

Here are even more ways to Get Free Money Now that lots of people don’t even know.

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Let Someone Borrow Your Car

These days lots of people have more than one car and even if you only have one you could still make some extra money offering to rent you care to someone else.  Getaround lets you loan your car or “rent” your vehicle to someone who needs a car, and those people use the app to rent your vehicle.

Rates are typically hourly and if you need insurance to cover your car for this kind of use you can use the app Getaround provides insurance coverage.  The app will take care of all the details, so it makes it super easy to use.

As a car owner, you can make $5+ per hour just by letting someone else borrow your car. Getaround offers $1 million primary insurance coverage, so you don’t have to worry about possible damages.

Use Airbnb to List a Rental

First of all, Airbnb helps people take their available room, home or similar space and offer it to others to use to rent which is a great way to turn those unused rooms into cold hard cash!  You can use this method and create a good reliable source of regular income.

Also, There are lots of details you should know before you decide if this money making method is right for you so be sure to look at my Airbnb comprehensive Guide if you’d like to learn more.

Selling Your Used Electronics

Take a real quick look around your home, garage, basement, storage room, or attic, and you’re likely to find more than a couple used electronic devices that work just fine.  Why not turn those items into cash rather than letting them sit around and collect dust?

Also, Decluttr can help you make that happen and turn all those electronics, even CDs, old video games or DVDs into some quick, easy cash. Scan the barcode on the item with your phone, and you will get an offer instantly.

Accept their offer then use the prepaid postage envelope they send to send in your item.

Want to make some quick money by selling your old phone? See our cell phone selling guide.

Selling Your Old Textbooks

Books are still widely available and used, and you can turn a stack of old books into a pile of new cash pretty quickly. Take a look at our list of the top places for you to sell your publications and get the most for them.

Selling Your Old Clothes

First of all, you may be sitting on a gold mine if you have some old but new condition clothes. Authentic vintage clothing has never been more hot and lucrative. But those of you who have top designer brand name clothing that you’ve outgrown or otherwise are looking to sell should take a look at Poshmark, and vintage owners should try eBay, but either site may work for both sellers.

Poshmark has a relaxed community vibe and structure, but eBay has such a more extensive reach you will usually sell things much fast.  Comb through those dresser drawers and coat closets or even the attic, and you might very easily earn a bundle.

Refinancing your Student Loan May Pay Off

So many people have student loan debt that this method alone should be looked at by anyone who has any student loan debt to pay still off.  The amount of money you could save on the interest on your student loan would be in the thousand or higher.

Getting a lower interest rate will help you save money on those student loans over the life of the loan and some loans are twenty-year loans so even saving five hundred dollars a year can end up saving you $10,000.00 over the life of the loan.

There are lots of lenders you could choose from so you can enlist the services of a useful company such as LendingTree so that you can compare real-time rates.

Make Money with Plasma

Most people don’t realize that your blood and plasma are worth quite a bit of money. So blood and more importantly, blood plasma is always in high demand and with good reason since this is something that can save a life.  Companies charge big bucks for these lifesaving liquids, and they are willing to pay you for yours.

Donating blood is a selfless deed and hundreds of thousands of people do it every year, but selling it is just as giving. Also, be sure you take the time to see where the best place is to go to sell blood and plasma, and you can make $250 or more in a month if you find the highest paying places.

This guide on selling plasma has many useful tips and a great deal of helpful information that you should check out before you donate.

How to Avoid Scams Offering Free Money

Nothing in Life is Free is a saying as old as time itself.  But I guess some people haven’t heard the saying and those are the simple ones who always seem to get taken. Probably The word “Free” has always been and always will be one of the most potent advertising tags, and there is no shame wanting a “freebie” because everyone does it.

Since this characteristic seems to be part of human nature, it’s essential to know but how to quickly spot the difference between a legit free money offer and a straight up scam.

Keep your eye out for the following telltale signs a free money offer is bogus:

  • A Free Money Offer that:
  • Requires you to pay a fee is a scam.
  • Personally, identifying information is a scam.
  • Requires you to give your Social Security Number is a scam.
  • Those who claim to be a government agency but doesn’t have a website that has .edu or .gov is a scam.
  • Is it a way too good a scam.

All anyone needs to do is exercise a little common sense and do some checking, and you can avoid these and other Free Online Money scam offers.

brittani rad
Hi, I'm Brittany! Mom of a baby girl, my passion is writing blog posts about how to make money online, save money and helping others to learn how to find coupons online.
brittani rad
Hi, I'm Brittany! Mom of a baby girl, my passion is writing blog posts about how to make money online, save money and helping others to learn how to find coupons online.