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Do You want to work from home? Do you currently work on data entry jobs and drive to work every day and camp out in a cubicle for hour after hour and need a change?  Maybe you’ve been thinking about making a change but like data entry work and hate the commute or the hours.

Why not take a look at a data entry job that lets you work from home?  There are plenty of benefits you get when you work from home and one the biggest is the flexibility you have to work the hours that work for you.

You can even do the work anywhere you have an internet connection or access, so you get to travel as well if you want.

A career in the data entry field is a reliable choice if you want to work from home and still make a decent income.  The cool thing is that it honestly takes very little equipment to get started; an internet connection, a computer and necessary typing skills and you can be up and running quickly.

Data entry clerks can earn more by just getting more efficient at typing

Usually, the faster you type and type accurately, the more you can crank out in a given day, which equals more important earnings day today.

Data entry clerks can earn more by just getting more efficient at typing.  Usually, the faster you type and type accurately, the more you can crank out in a given day, which equals more critical day today.

Maybe you already have a full-time job but are thinking about work from home jobs as a data entry so you can make a little extra cash to be able to pay some credit card debts or perhaps you are trying to save for a much-needed vacation.  No matter what your motivation is, you might find that this type of work is what you need.

Data entry can be a perfect home-based job for moms

you can work during the week at any time of day or night, or you can find something that lets you work on the weekend only. So these are also really great jobs for students, retired or semi-retired individuals or anyone that is for some extra money.

Here is a List of the Best Data Entry Jobs out there

Best Data Entry Jobs

We know what it’s like to spend a bunch of time looking for honest work from home jobs and the good news is that they are out there. The bad news is that for every legitimate work from home job available, there seem to be two to three that aren’t so good, and unfortunately, there are plenty that is merely bogus scams.

So we decided to do the research for you and provide a list of real work from home opportunities for those of you who are interested in great work from home data entry job.

These are the BEST data entry jobs that will allow you to make money at home and many of these are entry-level, so don’t worry if you are new at this kind of work.

Work from Home Data Entry/Input Jobs and Flexible Online Freelance Work

Many folks find themselves needing to find work that allows more flexibility than most traditional in office jobs, which is the biggest reason that the entire work from home sector has seen such a significant rise.

The demands for these jobs are also benefiting employers, creating a win-win scenario which continues to feed the growth of these rewarding work from home careers.  Freelance data entry jobs are popping up every day, and there seems to be no end in sight. Check out this list of sites of perfect places to start a work from home data entry job.

1. Scribe Review

scribie-data-entry-jobsScribe makes our list because it is an ideal way for anyone to start a work from home career if they are new to this kind of work.  Also, this company provides opportunities for people to work from home as transcribers. 

Transcription work means that Companies have audio tapes or recordings and need someone to turn those audio files into typewritten transcriptions or documents.

Transcribers can work in the comfort of their own home or travel to a remote location and do the transcription work, and those who choose this type of work love the flexibility.

Transcribers can pick and choose jobs they won’t work on and complete, which give even more freedom, and they can generally decide how much work they want to do.

Typically you can start this type of work after a qualification test which shows you can effectively listen and type what is on the audio file.  Pay is usually per job and can range from five dollars an hour to as much as twenty-five or more.  There are often no other qualifications or requirements.

2. SigTrack vs. Data Entry Jobs

SigTrack data entry jobs

SigTrack will hire people to work remote freelance jobs just like the other great companies we are listing.  Once hired will have but a straightforward task which is to check and ensure signatures in a database of registered voters is recorded and then monitor those signatures against petition signatures to ensure they on both.  Pay on the volume of production.  The more you do, the more you make.

According to SigTrack data, new users are typically able to double or triple productivity after a few days of hands-on practice.

Once you get up to speed, you can see how it makes sense to stick to it.

SigTrack does have a couple extra to get started since you will be working with voter registration information.  First, you will have to be a resident of the United States, and they will conduct a video interview to check your identity before you will be able to start the work.

You will need to have two monitors as well so you can see both the voter information list and the petition signature list at the same time.  Other than that it’s pretty easy to do the work.

3. Is Microworkers Legit as Data Entry Jobs?


Microworkers differs from the next listing down our list called Flexjobs as Microworkers does not have a “job” list as much as they have records of short employer tasks that you can view and choose to complete.

These tasks often pay a dollar or less but generally only take a minute or two standards.  The majority are data entry jobs or “tasks” and don’t require specialized skill or training. Microworkers is perfect If you are looking to convert some of your free time into some quick cash.

4. Flexjobs Review


Flexjobs is one of the more well-known and reputable companies that people are using to find work from home jobs that offer the type of jobs that provide people with an opportunity to work remotely and have the flexibility they are looking for in a freelance kind of situation.

Flexjobs is a viral site to find a great work from home data entry job.

Flexjobs makes sure to have a live person ensure that every job they list is a real legit job. You will not have to worry about sorting through the listing weeding out scams or those that don’t pay much.

You will be easily able to find real jobs that are worth the time.

The probably the most significant reason Flexjobs is so popular even considering you have to pay a small amount to be able to see the listings.

Basic short term plans start at $14.95 /mo.

And they have plans that offer lower costs for those looking for longer-term projects.

5. Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications, a huge company, has hundreds of in the field remote independent contractors to do their data entry jobs.

They hire in field transcriptionist, data entry clerks, and even market research workers.

Working for a company has its advantages, and you can go to their website and see a list of current employment opportunities.

When you are on the website, be sure to take a look at the list of clients they do work.

This company does work for dozens of agencies including FEMA, The CDC, The DEA, and many other United States government departments.  You can see a complete list on their website.

6. Capital Typing

Capital Typing is a solutions provider for businesses and companies who need a range of work beyond simple data entry. They are a highly reputable company that caters to companies seeking a wider variety of services.

So you can find opportunities that may be more compelling to you and fit your skill set better.

Although Capital Typing still needs data entry clerks who work a the dynamic range of companies.

7. DionData Solutions

With more than a decade of history in the industry, DionData Solutions has a sterling reputation as being well-established and trustworthy. DionData Solutions is known as a top provider for most data-related services that top companies and many government agencies need of the work that DionData Solutions hire for is work from home. Check site to search for current openings.

8. The Skills You Need for Data Entry Jobs

So let’s say you have decided to give work from home data entry or other similar work a try. Butn’t know what to expect or what of you.

Data entry is usually more than entering numbers and word data.

Data entry clerks usually do many different types of tasks from day to day. Each job is often unusual, but there are some standard skills you need toe successful in working these types of positions.

Typing Skill

Typing is pretty much the essential ability you need to have. Data entry work always involves a great deal of typing.

So the faster you type, the quicker you get the work finished, which means, the more money you will earn per hour.

Be sure you can type at least 40 words per minute if you want to earn a reasonable income and if you can type more. It’s a good idea to test your typing speed online to see how quickly you type.

9. Computers and Software Vs. Data Entry Jobs

These work from home jobs will all on computers; you need to have the necessary computer skills. Also, know how to use the most popular word processing software.

Some work will require knowledge of the software that is cable of charting mixed numerical and alpha data.  These software programs spreadsheet software such as MS Excel or Google’s version of Microsoft Excel called “Google Sheets.”

Each type of program has robust functions and features which can overwhelm a user at first.

But you can learn pretty quickly by watching a few videos that cover the basics.

Email Programs

Every computer operating system will have its email program, but most email is now down email providers.

You will still find several companies that use Microsoft Outlook but once you get the hang of any email service.

You can typically translate those skills to any emailing method or system.

Be sure to take your time to learn the ins and outs of the emailing system a company may require you to use as they can.

Also, they have somewhat tricky layouts and structure.

Ability to stay Organized

Perhaps the essential skill set you will need for data entry work. Generally, there is a fair amount of multitasking and a bulk of large groups of data.

So being highly organized will be essential for success.

You will need to be able to manage files on a computer system and be proficient with downloading data files.

So you need to be able to have a workable system of labeling those files and folders of data.

Paying Attention to Details

Sometimes some people are naturally able to recall and mentally manage a large number of details.

But most have also worked at it and have taken a great deal of time developing this ability.

Be realistic with yourself, or you may find yourself biting off a bit more than you can chew.

Meeting Deadlines

Time management is vital is this type of work.  Since some work into the task, you will need to be sure that if you accept a job, you will need. Also, be aware of and meet any applicable time requirements or deadlines.

Online Chat or Instant Messaging

Here is another essential skill set that is more of the same requirement of being able to multitask.

This skill usually takes a little bit of time to get fine-tuned and familiar with multiple methods.

Also, you will find yourself working very efficiently.

10. How to Avoid Data Entry Scams

Here are some tips that will help you steer clear of the scams.

If it Seems too Good so you can consider it as a scam.

We hope you never find yourself in a situation where you are desperate to find work since it can make people make emotional decisions.

Those types of arrangements usually lead to silly mistakes.

Those jobs that say immediate hire, even those which promise that you can make tens of thousands a week.

Real jobs aren’t “get rich quick” gigs, real situations take actual hard work and time, but they are REAL.

That is what people need so don’t waste your time on those listings that sound too good to be true.

Sure, you can also make some money, especially if you have experience in a specialized field like medical coding.

Job Offers that Require You to Pay

Huh?  Wow, now I can be as gullible as anyone perhaps but come on people.  Isn’t the whole purpose of finding work to be able to make money instead?  Nine times out of ten, this is a sure sign of a scam.

Never pay to get a job, please.  There are real jobs out there, and reals jobs will never require you to pay money to get the job.  Be sure to remember to use some common sense.

Many companies want people to undergo a “training program.”

Are you looking to get “paid” rather than work for free?

11. Other Work from Home Jobs

Not everyone will be cut out for a data entry job.  Here are some different excellent ways to make extra money working from your home. Check out some of these positions which you can find online.

12. Proofreading

Do you have a great ability to accurately spell and use correct grammar and that attention to detail? Take a look at  Proofread Anywhere’s free workshop to see if this is something you’d be okay.

13. Virtual Assistant Positions

You can work from home for sure as a virtual assistant. Also, this is like being a secretary except you work online rather than in person in an office.  Check out some of the more than 150 services you can offer as a virtual assistant.

14. Freelance Writing

Want something more creative?   Then maybe a job as a freelance writer is what you are looking.  This freelance writing jobs link will show you what kind of work is available or make a profile on UpWork or similar sites and see all the different freelance writing jobs available and you’ll be to start right away.

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brittani rad
Hi, I'm Brittany! Mom of a baby girl, my passion is writing blog posts about how to make money online, save money and helping others to learn how to find coupons online.
brittani rad
Hi, I'm Brittany! Mom of a baby girl, my passion is writing blog posts about how to make money online, save money and helping others to learn how to find coupons online.